Fat Camp

In this article we will learn about fat camp. Should you consider fat camp and what is it all about? There are many options for you and once you have read this article you will be in a good position to make some choices.

As derogative as it may sound to some, fat camp is the most recognisable term associated with programs that isolate participants in an environment set up with a strong focus on weight loss and management.

Is Fat Camp For You?

For some people, weight loss feels like a cruel game they just can’t win. A weight loss camp places people in the hands of professionals and in an environment that has been constructed for those facing struggles with weight.

Many join fat camp with the notion of being pushed and educated to lose weight in a safe environment amongst like minded people.

Fat Camp attributes

Whichever mode a weight loss camp takes, there are a number of common attributes they generally share

  • The camp is a comfort zone where individuals are free of embarrassment and feelings of victimisation
  • Fat camps create a wonderful community
    • Allowing people to connect with other teens\people who face the same issues and can relate to the lows of excessive weight
    • Life long friends can be made
    • Encouragement, a vital ingredient for many of the people who would attend fat camp
  • Motivation, a common reason for fat camp participation
  • Most fat camps will integrate an element of fun into the experience to make it a positive experience overall
  • Education: If people are unaware of important weight management information, it is all too easy to fail in the weight loss arena
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Lifestyle habits
  • Intense around the clock weight management focus is an attractive selling point of the camp
    • Help from the professionals
    • Support from fellow camp participants
    • Program itinerary in place
    • 24/7 from the moment participant’s wake to the moment they sleep

How To Choose A Fat Camp

Weight management camps differ on their focus and approach and ultimately, this should be taken into great consideration when trying to decide on a weight loss camp.

Ask yourself some questions

Do you want to lose weight rapidly?

Or are you looking for something with a more long term focus that will help you to manage your weight for the rest of your life?

Factors to Consider

  • Duration: Some camps could be a weekend retreat, others span for a number of weeks. The longer the stay, potentially the more effective the camp. With a longer period of time there perhaps is more scope for change and relationship building.
  • Reputation: If a camp already has a firm reputation, that takes a lot of the risk and guess work out of the choice. Online forums or word of mouth are great ways to find out more about a camps reputation and success rate
  • Cost: Fat camps can be very expensive and the cost benefit should be considered. What are you paying for?
  • Age: There are camps for adults and children
  • Gender: You may be more comfortable on a camp designed specifically for your gender
  • Difficulty: Do you want a camp that is physically demanding and strenuous, fun, or both.
  • Credentials and Staff: Are there trained psychologists (particularly for children), nutritionists etc
  • Location and Accommodation: Some camps will be as rough as the activities you are put through whereas others will be in a beach side resort location. Price will play a big role here.

The Camps

The following is just a rough guide as to what the different types of camps are likely to entail. However, camps are configured these days to try and satisfy the needs and whims of customers so the line that distinguishes each is less distinct.
Many camps will offer packages that differ

  • in duration
  • group size
  • Attention
  • Included services
  • In itinerary

Weight Loss Boot Camps

This type of camp is usually associated with rapid weight loss. They are more likely to focus on intense and physically demanding physical activity with plenty of pushing from camp staff. Weight loss boot camps can cater for many levels of fitness and weight ranges.

Weight Loss Summer Camp

Summer weight loss camps are generally for children and teens during holidays and potentially priced less then other adult fat camps since they have more participants and lower overheads.

There is a focus on fun, activities and relationship building with the idea of teaching young people to eat better, enjoy their exercise with an expectation of losing significant weight in the process.

Weight Loss Retreat

These are a much more private method of camp and can be undertaken by individuals, couples or small groups. They will be pricier then other camps as the attention and focus on the camp is more exclusive.

How Much Does Fat Camp Cost?

Fat Camps will vary in price and offer different packages, but for the most part, they are seen as very expensive costing more then overseas holidays. Keep in mind the costs that camps will cover though

  • Staff that may consist of professionals in the field of nutrition, psychology, naturopaths, camp leaders etc
  • Quality food
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Equipment, activities
  • Supplies and weight loss services
  • Length of the camp
  • Accommodation style
  • Season

Summer Camp pricing guide

As a guide, summer camps cost roughly $1000 per week

Fat Camp Rough pricing guide

Because fat camps vary so much so do their prices

3 nights

$1000 to $5000

Per week

$3000 to $5000

There are camp options that can be months in duration. Special package rates will apply to long term camps such as this.

Fat Camp Critics, Pros and Cons

We’ve outlined the clear positives of fat camp so now it’s time to take a look at the negative things some people may have to say about fat camp. Camps have been quick to react to some of the negative criticism towards weight loss programs and have reacted by accounting for these drawbacks in their programs.

These are some of things that are probably worth establishing when choosing a program.

  • Cost:
    • Some will argue that fat camps are money making schemes, charging top dollar for issues that can be dealt with at home alongside some hard work.
    • Those who attend fat camp will tend to disagree, weight loss either being a result of some serious issues that a professional program can help to overcome as well as a smart investment towards being healthy and well educated for positive lifestyle change
  • Short term fix:
    • Perhaps some programs are designed so that they are efficient only in the short term, to lose weight and fast
    • Many weight loss camps these days have a distinct focus on long term weight loss built upon principles for life style change
  • Not Realistic
    • Common criticism is that fat camps are a bandaid fix and that participants are in an unrealistic environment with changes that won’t be maintained in the “real world”. Sceptics expect participants to be back in the same position when they return home
    • A good weight loss camp will put emphasis on long term psychological changes that will equip participants to take what they have learnt home with them and well into the future.

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