Free weight tracker

The personal weight tracker allows you to track the progress of your weight, your result is represented with a bar graph and table. Below is the result of healthy weight forum members. To view your personal results click on the "My Weight Graph" tab.

Weight Loss Calculator & Tracker

The Healthy Weight Calculator calculates the daily calories needed to lose weight by a certain date. It will also chart the progress of your weight loss and adjust your program accordingly.

Features of the Weight Tracker

  • The weight tracker will track your weight by charting it once every week and displaying it interactively through a bar graph and table. This progressive chart allows you too see how well you are going and helps you chart your success. You can also add comments in every entry, thus using it as a weight loss journal.
  • The weight tracker stats page will show your BMI, this is dynamic and will be updated every time a new weekly weight is updated.
  • To keep you motivated, the remaining weight to your goal weight will be displayed in bold!
  • And the best thing? Its FREE!

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