Health & Wellness

There is one thing that everyone will agree on; you can’t turn back the hands of time. However, no matter what age we are, who doesn’t want to be strong and resilient, thin, flexible, have a good memory and energy to spare?!

There are also literally thousands of products on the market that claim to help you live a longer, happier life, improve your immune system so you don't suffer from frequent colds or the flu, help to prevent heart attacks, strokes, help you to lose weight and lower your risk of cancer and diabetes.

The following articles will provide you with simple solutions that will help you to improve you and your family’s health by avoiding and removing toxins, learning about the importance of sleep, reducing stress, and consuming a diet of real, not junk, food.

Health & Wellness Articles

  • Any Time is Detox Time
    A great way to remove a toxic buildup in the body is through a detox program. Start feeling better, and notice a tremendous improvement in your energy levels, with each passing day.
  • Why We Should All Be Drinking More Water
    Drinking the right amount of water will improve every function in the body and can prevent many health problems.
  • Green Juice: The Breakfast Of Champions!
    Drinking green juice each and every morning is one of the best ways you can protect your health and maintain a healthy body, as well as immune system.
  • We All Need More Of Fiber
    The benefit of a diet high in fiber includes weight loss, healthier digestion, regular bowel movement and can even lower your risk of heart disease
  • Why You Should Start Taking Magnesium Today!
    We are all deficient in Magnesium, however, treating magnesium deficiency is remarkably easy, extremely safe and incredibly inexpensive.
  • Never, Ever Cook With Vegetable Oil Again
    Vegetable oils are highly inflammatory oils that are chemically extracted from seeds, such as corn, soybeans, canola (rapeseed) and sunflower.
  • Iodine Deficiency
    Did you know that iodine is something that the body absolutely must have for proper thyroid function?