Weight Watchers Points Calculator 2023

The newly released Weight Watchers 2023 plan is a more simplified approach that brings users back to basics. Every member will now be on the same single plan and share the same zero-point foods list. Exceptions will be made for those with type 1 and 2 diabetes and prediabetics.

This WW allowance calculator will help you calculate your daily and weekly points on the 2022-2023 Weight Watchers plan.

WW Points 2023



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This is NOT an official WW (Weight Watchers) calculation tool. This calculator is designed for assistance, but not a replacement for the official Weight Watchers members plan.

Breastfeeding moms

Weight Loss can be especially challenging and trying for mothers who are breastfeeding. Weight Watchers has structured their plan to aid in postpartum weight loss. Mothers who are breastfeeding get an additional 16 points each day. These points can be applied to your diet in the form of snacks or larger meals. If it’s still not enough to satisfy cravings, check out the 200+ zeropoint foods on the menu and make yourself another delicious and healthy meal.

Making sure to get enough sleep and drink water throughout the process will help quicken your weight loss and increase milk production.

Diabetics type 1 and type 2 and pre-diabetics

Members on the Weight Watchers diabetic plan will find it easy to follow. Its extensive zero-point foods will make staying full easy and include many low-sugar options that will not significantly affect blood sugar.

Members will also get an additional five daily points. This takes into account the reduction of zero-point foods that are higher in sugar and carbs. The extra points ensure members get enough calories while still caring for their bodies and monitoring blood sugar levels.

WW Points Allowance 2023

Upon joining Weight Watchers, you will have to answer a few questions to determine your meal plan and how many points you have to “spend” each day. The point allotment will be determined based on factors such as age, sex, height and weight.. Remaining factors include pre-existing conditions such as being diabetic, prediabetic, or breastfeeding/ pregnant.

Unlike previous plans (PersonalPoints, myWW), your food preferences will not have an effect on your points allowance.

How Do Points Work for Weight Loss?

The Weight Watchers Points System was designed as a way to incorporate science and nutrition together to make the easiest possible solution to weight loss. Weight Watchers has successfully simplified the intricate nutritional compositions of foods, incorporating macronutrients like fats, proteins, sugars, calories, and fiber, and transformed them into a single, easy-to-track number.

The basic rules are, more sugar and saturated fat means more points. Or to have less points used, members should eat foods rich in protein and unsaturated fats. Weight Watchers systems has always been designed to promote healthy eating patterns and limit processed foods.

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