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In order to lose weight we need to either;

  • consume less food
  • burn excess calories though activity

Use the calorie calculator to find out how many calories you burn for over 500 activities and exercises.

The calculator will also calculate how much weight you will lose for the burned calories.

Calories Burned Calculator

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Weight Loss for Activity

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Benefits Of Exercise

Studies show some of the extremely important benefits of exercise that do not necessarily involve weight loss including improved mood, stronger bones, and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases (1,2,3). It’s important to remember that exercising is not always about changing the way your body looks, but simply keeping it stronger and healthier throughout a lifetime.

Burning Excess Calories

Everything we do burn calories. The best way to achieve great weight loss results through exercise is to perform a combination of both weight training and aerobic exercises.

In order to get the greatest benefit from your daily activity, moderate to strenuous activity is recommended by health professionals. Running, cycling, dancing, walking and even housework can contribute to the extra calories you burn each day.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic activity is a great way to burn excess calories you’ve consumed during the day. Some great options include running, walking, swimming or cycling.

At the gym the best exercises for cardio are the yoga, treadmills, rowers, steppers, bikes or elliptical trainers.

Weight Training

Weight training is important in calorie burning and weight loss, as it builds muscle. Muscle uses more calories throughout the day than fat does even when you’re resting.

Some great weight training activities include, squats, inverted rows, shoulder presses, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, chin-ups and push-ups (on a bench or on knees)

Building muscle mass helps to reap the benefits of your regular exercise long after your workout is complete.

Top 5 Exercise For Weight Loss

1. Walking (LISS – Low Intensity, Steady State)

For women in particular, walking for an average of an hour 3 times per week has shown a significant decrease in body fat and a narrowed waist (4).

2. Weight Training

Weight training is the best way to increase the burning of body fat while maintaining lean mass on the body. Strength training is also the best way to prevent one of the worst side effects of weight loss through diet which can equally target muscles as much as it does fat (5).

3. Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a fat and calorie busting workout style that can be an especially powerful technique for weight loss. Using HIIT means increased fat burn, increased calorie burn, and increased muscle creation, all in a short timeframe (6).

4. Yoga

Yoga can be a surprising choice as a weight loss exercise. However, research shows that those who begin yoga regimens are significantly more likely to make healthier choices overall; nutritionally, physically, and emotionally. All of these tend to result in weighing less and generally being healthier (7).

5. Jogging/Running

Jogging or running can be particularly effective exercises for weight loss. Especially for those who are already fit enough to walk long distances with no trouble, increasing speed and intensity is the next step. Interval style training is a great way to boost weight loss (8).

Calories Burned YogaYoga makes you stronger and more flexible. On average, a 150lb person will burn around 240 calories in a typical 60 minute session.

Popular Calories Burned

Calories based on 150 lbs person for 60 mins


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