Guidlines Statement

We ask that all members take responsibility for keeping to the following forum guidelines. It's your forum, so make sure it's the kind of forum you want to stay involved with!

This is a forum comprised of ordinary people. Do not take all the information as advice to be followed without making proper inquiries with your family doctor, medical specialist or other health care provider.

If you have something to sell or a barrow to push, it belongs in the 'Products/Services' section. Please do not post messages promoting a particular product or service in other forums. Other members will just get upset and you won't do much to promote your service that way! Repeat offenders may be banned.

People who work in the field of weight management, exercise, nutrition, nursing, etc. are welcome to join in all forum discussions and state their area of expertise or experience if they wish. Just don't turn this into flagrant self-promotion!

There is no one way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Be open to other ideas, methods and choices.

Contribute! YOU make this forum a success just by participating regularly. Visit each day, read, post, contribute.

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