Weight Loss Success Stories

As we know, there are plenty of resources available that are geared towards the many people who want to lose weight. Much of this information can be confusing, misleading and motivated by the ultimate goal of making money from the masses.

One of the best ways you can learn and motivate yourself to lose weight is to hear from those who can relate to your struggles. People who understand where you've come from, what it's like to be overweight, what it's like to try and lose weight, to fail, to try diet after diet, to feel down and out.

Reading weight loss success stories of these people is what can push you in the right direction towards a new healthier life and not just because they can relate to where you've been and where you are at. But mainly because they have succeeded and overcome your shared struggles, which concretes the fact that you can too!

Weight Loss Stories

Barbara's Story

  • How I Learned How Not to Choose a Diet
    A guide on what to look for in a diet program and how to choose one that will help you lose weight for the long term.
  • How I Got to Be Soo Overweight
    Negativity, for a person trying to lose weight, is soul-destroying. It comes from all sides, and can even seem positive at times.
  • My Low GI Diet
    I've been on a low GI (glycemic index) diet for some time now, and although slow, the weight is coming off gradually.

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