My Low GI Diet

I've been on the Low GI (glycemic index) Diet for some time now, and although slow, the weight is coming off gradually.

At first I knew nothing about this "new fangled" diet, but fortunately I have a friend whose husband is also on the Low Gi Diet, and she gave me heaps of tips to help. He, by the way, has lost heaps of weight. How come men seem to be able to lose it so much quicker than we women? Not fair!

I've come to learn that potatoes are high GI, whilst sweet potatoes (kumara) are low. That's okay, as I love kumara and have found quite a few good recipes using them.

White is not good, I have discovered. Wholegrain breads are best, and even better if a bit of oat bran is added to homemade. Oat bran added to just about anything helps lower the GI of the foods you eat. I've had it in muffins, pancakes, soups and stews, you name it! Of course, I've added it to my breads as well. You don't know it is there, but it does lower the GI so much.

Low GI foods don't break down in the intestines as quickly as the high GI ones. Therefore, the sugar doesn't come in a rush, forcing blood sugar levels up. The low GI foods break down slower, and therefore the sugar is released more slowly, resulting in more stable and even blood sugar readings - essential for diabetics!

Since starting on the diet, my blood sugar levels have been soooooo much better than before. They were much too high previously. Also my blood pressure seems to have stabilized.

So basically, the low GI diet means low carbs in the main. Remember that white is bad, full grain is good. Basmati rice is about the best for Glycemic index, rather than brown. It is about the one exception.

We have had more pasta meals, with wholemeal pasta, and tomato based sauces. Sometimes I mix potatoes with my sweet potatoes, to keep the GI down a bit.

All in all, I am feeling much better in myself. Losing weight, though slowly, and rejoicing in the fact that my blood sugar and pressure are more normal. Also, it is great to know that I don't have to deprive myself totally of things I really love. I can indulge myself occasionally with an ice-cream or some chocolate, without going overboard. (All things in moderation).

Although the weight loss in my case is slow, I think that it is better for me than some of the other diets I have tried in the past, which have done nothing much except make be feel deprived and miserable. At least now I am happy.

Low GI recipes are a bit hard to come by, but they are beginning to increase, and I have found some good ones on the web.

I like this eating plan, it suits me!

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