Privacy Statement

Details submitted by members are kept strictly private and solely for the use of the forum to maintain user profiles for members and to contact members.

To protect your privacy the Coordinators recommend you do not disclose your email address in your profile unless you are happy for people to email you. A better way to communicate with other forum members is to use the Private Messenger facility on the forum. Email addresses are used by our community section to email login information to our members. We do not use this information to contact any members other than forum login purposes.

Member details are NOT provided to any third party, including any advertiser, sponsor, etc. of the forum. We value your privacy.

With respect to cookies: We also use cookies within our Community section to hold login information and personal preferences. Any cookies you receive from us contain no personal information of any sort and are there simply to make your visit to our site more convenient, by remembering your passwords or other repetitive data for you, if you so choose.

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