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WW has now introduced the myWW plans; Green, Blue, and Purple. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain, or simply work toward creating healthier eating habits, the myWW plans are all designed to help you find success.

With the added choices and plan options comes a bit more confusion. Depending on the plan you select you may be on the minimum 16 points (Purple), 23 points (Blue) or 30 points (Green).

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*G = Green Plan, B = Blue Plan, P = Purple Plan

The myWW SmartPoint system assigns food a set number of points based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.

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MyWW Points Allowance

SmartPoints are still the cornerstone of the myWW program. Your specific SmartPoints budget is determined by a variety of factors like your sex, weight, age, height, activity level, whether you're breast feeding and so on. Your SmartPoints budget is the way in which you track your foods in order to stay on track (or on budget) with your healthy eating habits.

How Many Points Do I Get?

Now, with myWW, your SmartPoints budget will be directly impacted by which plan you choose. The Gree Plan will provide you with the largest SmartPoints budget ranging from a minimum of 30 to a max of 93. These points will be matched with the shortest zero points foods list consisting only of certain fruits and vegetables.

The Blue Plan comes with a minimum of 23 SmartPoints and a maximum of 71 points; paired with twice as many zero points foods.

Finally, the Purple Plan has the stingiest SmartPoints budget at just 16 minimum points and maximum of 50, but has the most expansive list of zero points foods (300+).

Weekly Points and Rollovers

All three of the plans include a weekly points budget of either 35 or 42 points. These are intended to allow for small indulgences throughout the week or perhaps one big “cheat day” on the weekend. While weekly SmartPoints cannot be rolled over into the next week, keep in mind that daily SmartPoints (up to 4) will automatically be rolled over into your weekly budget.

How Are Food Points Calculated?

Every food or drink that isn’t a zero points food on your myWW plan will have a SmartPoints value. This value is calculated through an algorithm that factors in 4 main components: overall calories, sugar and saturated fat, and protein.

To put it the most simply, overall caloric content of a food is going to provide a base level SmartPoints value. However, sugar and saturated fat content are going to raise that number, while protein content is going to bring it down.

The idea is that this process will naturally lead users to make choices that are higher in protein and lower in sugar and saturated fat. This, overall, should produce a healthier diet structure. Since every plan uses SmartPoints, they all have the same goal in mind.

Users must simply determine whether they prefer more structure from tracking more of their foods, or less structure by having an extensive list of zero points foods that require no tracking.

What Kinds of Foods are Zero Points?

If you’re on the Green Plan, you’ll have a list of over a hundred fruits and vegetables that are zero points.

With the Blue Plan, you’ll get the same fruits and vegetables with the addition of lots of protein choices like chicken breast, seafood, eggs, fish, beans, tofu and non-fat plain yogurt, totaling over 200 zero points foods.

The Purple plan has the largest list of zero points foods that adds things like whole-wheat pasta, whole grains, and potatoes, rounding out an over 300 item list.

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