The 2 Week Diet

Have you heard about the new 2 Week Diet plan? It’s causing quite a stir on social media sites and chat rooms. Why? Because unlike many other diet plans, this one not only has science to back it up, it actually works!

Here’s the official website for the 2 Week Diet.

The 2 Week Diet

The creator of this plan, Brian Flatt, read more than 500 medical studies and reviewed hundreds of diet plans to create what many think is one of the best plans ever invented.

What is the one thing ever dieter is looking for? (Besides a "lose fat while you sleep" pill) Quick results!

Nothing is more frustrating than faithfully sticking to a diet, only to find that, for all your efforts, you lost 1 pound. Check out Brian’s own words; "

For a diet to be successful, I truly believe that the diet must produce visible and significant results fast."

Why 2 Weeks?

Why just 2 weeks? Because, in the long run, very few people will stick to a diet much longer if they aren’t seeing results.

This eating plan is designed to burn fat fast; as much as 16 pounds, in just two weeks! Other diet plans take 4 or 5 months to accomplish this!

A Science Based Plan

Flatt goes into quite a bit of detail and gives a lot of scientific evidence to explain why this diet works.

For example, he talks about your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories your body is going to burn every single day, just to keep you alive. Every breath you take, digesting food, swallowing, making hormones, even if you just sat there all day, it all takes calories, much like a car.

The plan explains to you how to calculate your BMR so you can discover if you are eating far too many calories.

Every person who wants to lose weight is told that all they have to do is to eat less and exercise more, but this doesn’t work out well for most people because they never take their BMR into consideration.

How Does it Work?

The plan is broken down into a four part system. It combines planned fasting and fat fasting to help breakdown stored fat. While the body can live without carbohydrates, it functions well on a high protein, high fat, and low carb diet.

The plan explains in detail how to properly consume protein shakes and supplements, so that they encourage your body to breakdown fat for burning, as well as helping you to keep a positive mental outlook.

There are 4 different handbooks which explain everything in detail, (not only what you should be eating and doing, but WHY you are doing it and how it will help you lose weight).

What’s Included in The 2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet

Visit the Official Website - for more on the Entire 2 Week Diet System

  • You will start with the Launch Handbook, which goes over the science behind weight loss and why this plan works.
  • Then there is the actual Diet Handbook, which details what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.
  • The Activity Handbook, as you might imagine, is a detailed exercise plan designed for those with limited time. This is a super practical guide that teaches you quick and easy workout routines.
  • Last, the one thing every dieter needs, a Motivational Handbook. A proper mindset is just as important as what you are eating. Brian gives you science based methods for control and focusing on your goals, which helps to keep you motivated.

The Pros

  • Super fast results (as much as 16 pounds in just 2 weeks!)
  • Fits into even the busiest lifestyle.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back.

The Cons

  • No personal supervision
  • Books are digital EBooks only, which means you need your computer nearby to see the exercises, or you are going to need to print it yourself.
  • Not affordable for some people, however, there are coupons and discounts if you spend a little time online looking for them.

The Bottom Line

Is it really possible to lose 8 to 16 pounds in 14 days? If you read the testimonials on Brian Flatt’s site, it certainly seems possible. Many people claim that they lost 20 pounds.

For those who want to lose weight quickly for an upcoming event, this plan appears to be a winner. Flatt has done quite a bit of research and the ideas he presents seem quite sound.

Perhaps best of all, Flatt has a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that if it doesn’t work, at least you aren't out anything other than 2 weeks of your time.

Here’s the official website for the 2 Week Diet.