Diet To Go Review

Diet to go is a diet where the calorie controlled meals are delivered or picked up by the dieter. This goes by the premise that some diets are correct in their nutritional principles and approach, but for various reasons, dieters are unable to consistently carry out the preparation of the food. Namely, people are busy with things to do and it's very difficult to obtain quality ingredients to prepare and cook meals in the evenings or mornings for the day.

The diet isn't just about convenience. There are consultants to help you establish your needs, requirements and preferences then build a food plan accordingly. Diet to go isn't a specific diet in itself but more of a program that is customized to the individual.

For example, one person may be on a low fat program and someone else on a low carbohydrate program. They also cater to vegetarians and discuss other special dietary needs.

The food plans run on 4 week cycles so that meals don't become boring and repetitive.

If you don't like the sounds of a particular meal, you can substitute it with another for a price. According to the FAQs, if you receive a meal you did not like, you do not have to pay for it and can have the cost of the meal credited towards your next purchase.

They claim that on a full meal plan, customers on average lose 2-3 pounds per week.

The Meals

According to their website the meals are low in sodium, fat and cholesterol, adhering to the guidelines of some major American bodies.

The meal plans can be adjusted for your eating habits and the fact that you may not be eating dinner at home every night.


The costs involve vary a great deal as the meal plans are customizable from the number of meals you have per day to the portion sizes of those meals. Diet-to-go estimates that meals cost customers an average of $75 a week. I would expect a conservative estimate in regards to this on their part.

Even if, for example the average price of a meal was roughly $10, it's important to factor in that the meals are convenient and have been prepared for you. They are calorie controlled, nutritious and made to cater to the taste buds as much as possible, which is probably one of the most important factors of all.


This delivered food plan isn't going to be very successful if the food tastes like the container it arrived in. As mentioned, they have a variety of meals to choose from and once the meal plan has been made, you can substitute meals into the plan that you think sound tastier. Independent testimonials indicate that the meals are of a good quality and satisfying a majority of the time. There was some negative feedback about some of the vegetarian dishes. Importantly it's been said that a majority of the time the meals have been extremely filling.


If you do not have the time or motivation to prepare and cook fresh foods this is certainly a better option then buying takeaway or eating out. They may not always taste as nice but at least you know that you are getting calorie controlled healthy dinners with a degree of variation.