Mayo Clinic Diet Review

This fad version of the Mayo Clinic Diet has nothing to do with the Mayo Clinic health centre and hospital in Rochester, USA. The Mayo Clinic Diet was conceived 30 years ago and the origins of the Mayo Clinic Diet still remain unknown.

Today it appears in many forms but one main characteristic to a Mayo Clinic Diet is that it usually contains grapefruit and is usually always high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

The Mayo Clinic DietThis fad diet allows you to eat an unlimited amount of grapefruit, meat and poultry

How Does the Mayo Clinic Diet work?

The theory behind the Mayo Clinic Diet is that a low carbohydrate diet plan will result in quick weight loss. The Mayo Clinic diet utilises grapefruit at each meals as a way of encouraging your body to burn fat. Knowledge of the Mayo Clinic diet has been perpetuated by junk mail, word of mouth, faxes and the internet.

There is no official Mayo Clinic Diet but most versions are high protein, high-fat.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is usually three to seven days in duration. On the Mayo Clinic Diet, you are allowed to eat an unlimited amount of grapefruit, meat and poultry. The Mayo Clinic Diet uses meat and fat to stop hunger, and insist that eating more fat in your diet will result in weight loss.

This Mayo Clinic diet concept works on the premise that eating fat allows your stomach to feel full, which results in a reduced appetite. On the Mayo Clinic diet, you can actually eat fried foods and as much meat as you want.

The Debate on the Mayo Clinic Diet

Like many other diets, the Mayo Clinic Diet promotes temporary quick weight loss but is not necessarily safe or nutritionally balanced. Critics argue that the Mayo Clinic Diet does not contribute to long-term success with weight loss.

Health experts are sceptical of the Mayo Clinic Diet's claim that you can lose 52 pounds in just a couple of months. They also argue that grapefruit does not contain any fat-burning qualities.

Although some dieticians do concede that the Mayo Clinic Diet can result in weight loss, it is usually only temporary. They also warn that the diet is not safe and should not be followed for more than two months, after this time, dieters should go back to a low-carb diet to prevent putting all the weight back on.

The Mayo Clinic Diet – Against:

  • Does not work for long-term weight management
  • Low in complex carbohydrates
  • Can result in fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Unlimited consumption of anything high in fat is dangerous

The Mayo Clinic Diet – For:

  • Eat until you feel satisfied
  • Allowed to fat and fried foods
  • Affordable
  • Can result in immediate weight loss

Please note that this diet did NOT originate at Mayo Clinic and are not approved by Mayo Clinic.