Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast Diet (Slim·Fast) is certainly an easy diet that doesn't involve much thought on the part of it's participants in the way of diet control. The meals include Slim Fast's branded meals in the form of bars, shakes and powders. They claim these meals contain all the ingredients the body requires to function normally and are satisfying. Because of the form they take the meals are very convenient and calorie controlled so all the dieter has to do is eat.

Slim Fast places an emphasis on educating dieters and provided them with the tools required to live a healthy lifestyle conducive to weight loss. The Slim Fast Diet highlights the value of controlling the portion sizes of meals and making correct food choices in and out of the home.

Recently Slim-Fast introduced the Slim-Fast Optima Plan. The Slim-Fast Optima Plan is a plan that integrates dieting with the rest of your life. The plan makes it easier for you to mix and match the real foods you enjoy with the Slim-Fast products you already know.

Personalised Meal Plans

Slim Fast also believes strongly in the idea of personalising diets and plans. People's bodies are different and react differently to different things. Furthermore, we all live different lifestyles and if we want live a healthier lifestyle, it is going to be far more successful if it is somehow integrated with our current lifestyle rather then attempting to make changes that are difficult and tiresome to adapt to.

For this reason, when signing up to Slim Fast, a user is taken through a number of steps that involve questions about their current lifestyle and food preferences. Based on this information, a Slim Fast plan outlining meals is created for every day of the month. If you are unhappy with any meal on the plan, you can bring up a list of substitutes that contain the same nutritional value and choose something that’s more to your taste. This is a very quick and easy process. These menus are linked to a shopping list to indicate what items dieters need to purchase for the weeks menu. Though the Slim Fast Diet meals are a convenience, dieters may want to prepare their own food more often; this is an option that is covered during registration.


The Slim Fast Diet appears to highlight exercise just as much as the food aspect of the diet. Just as the meals are personalised, it aims at personalising activities to suit preferences and lifestyles also. Again this is aiming at successfully integrating exercise into lifestyles rather it becoming a tiresome task.


The online diary/journal is an important tool for tracking your progress, nutritional intake, activities and your mental state of mind. There is a very basic format for the online diary and the option to use a more detailed one. Either way, it's an important tool because it can help a dieter establish patterns they may fall into. It can help a person to pinpoint reasons they may decide not to exercise, or types of foods they ate which resulted in them wanting to snack afterwards.


Any attempt to lose weight loss will be far more likely to succeed with a support network. Slim fast provides this with its online community that allows users to communicate with others who are going through the same struggles and those who have overcome those struggles. It is a place dieters can find understanding and answers to any questions or problems they may be having with the process. This can also be done anonymously.

Ease of Use

The site has a really basic feel to it, so easy to use and not overwhelming from the very beginning. It has well laid out menus that clearly show the main focus of Slim Fast being the meal plan, activities, tools and support network. There are many tips to help dieters along the way and overall Slim fast appears to keep in line with core weight loss principles surrounding the ins and outs of calories and Body Mass Index.