The Special K Diet Review

The Special K diet, backed by manufacturer, Kellogg, is one of the most intriguing diets to appear for a long time. Simple to do, relatively inexpensive and backed by research done at Loughborough University in England.

Kellogg do emphasise that long term weight loss can't be achieved without following a healthy diet, but say that the Special K diet can take one jeans size off for overweight adults with a BMI over 25.

How Does The Special K Diet Work?

The Special K diet must be one of the easiest diets to follow ever – basically, two meals a day consist of a measured amount of Special K with skim or semi skim milk, and the third meal, which can be either lunch or dinner, needs to be a fairly well balanced, normal meal.

Nothing else is restricted, meaning that dieters can eat unlimited amounts of fruit, snacks, coffee and alcohol. Kellogg say that because dieters are eating one balanced meal a day, the diet is within recommended guidelines, although they don't advise carrying on longer than two weeks, during which time they say that dieters on average will lose one jeans size.

The Special K Diet Menu

Dieters must be adult, overweight and have a BMI of at least 25.


  • 45g Special K
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee, tea or fruit juice


  • 45g Special K
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Coffee, tea or fruit juice


  • A balanced meal including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vegetables and as much roughage as possible.
  • Whatever beverage is desired


  • Whatever snacks are usually eaten, or fruit, raw carrot or other vegetables.

Variations on the Special K diet

  • Special K Red Berries
  • Special K Peach and Apricot
  • Special K Purple Berries
  • Special K Yoghurty
  • Special K Bliss Creamy Berry Crunch
  • Special K Bliss Strawberry and Chocolate
  • Special K Medley
  • Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Debate On the Special K Diet

The Special K diet is really a kind of hybrid. Not a full fledged long term diet plan, nevertheless it has several good points. As Kellogg say, a high carbohydrate, low fat diet is believed to be healthy in the long term. However, what they don't emphasise is that the healthy carbs are the complex ones, not sugar coated cereal. But at least this isn't one of the diets which cause weight loss through fluid depletion (Master Cleanse, Juice Cleanse), and has experimental results behind it.

In a study done at Loughborough University, volunteers lost up to an inch from their waist and 38% lost a full jeans size after following the diet for the recommended two weeks. Also, any weight you do lose may actually stay off, especially if you continue with the after care plan recommended.

The Special K Diet – For

  • Easy for carbohydrate addicts to follow
  • Fast, easy preparation
  • Inexpensive
  • No real hunger pangs
  • Easy to do at work

The Special K Diet – Against

  • Can be monotonous
  • Only a short term diet
  • Lacks roughage and can cause constipation

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