The Trim Kids Diet Review

Obesity is a sore point for children and it is an epidemic that is effecting the younger generation more then ever before. Being overweight can dramatically limit a child's life socially (lowering self esteem, emotional scarring) and physically, very likely to carry on and intensify into adulthood.

The Trim Kids diet is a 12 week plan diet that educates parents and their children on how to live a healthier lifestyle that will help them lose and manage their weight while developing a healthy sense of body image.


The amount of processed unhealthy pre-packaged and take away foods these days present children and parents with an unlimited smorgasbord of empty calories. Hectic lives, particularly with households of 2 working parents often mean there is no time or energy for home cooked meals. Frozen dinners are a rife amongst such house holds and there is little control over the nutritional content of meals.

Diets for children are different to diets for adults. Their bodies require great amounts of quality fuel for activities they should be engaging in and to encourage correct growth at these early development stages of life.

The Trim Kids diet doesn't only address these nutritional requirements when planning kid's menus but understands the discriminating tastes of younger people and how to cater for this. This will become especially important during the important steps of introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diets. At the same time, parents will be working with their children during this diet to restrict unhealthy junk food. The diet has online tools that allow parents to personalize well balanced menus to suit their children’s tastes.


The other half of the reason why we are facing an obesity epidemic is because of the sedentary lifestyle that has been adopted by the younger generation. Modern technology in the form of television, videogames and the internet has given children little reason to venture outside as a means of entertainment or social interaction.

The approach to exercise is much different for children then adults. You are far more likely to find kids chasing each other, roller blading or climbing trees then jogging or hitting the gym. Children are at a time in their lives where simple physical activities can be fun and more easily scheduled into their daily lives, more so then for adults. There are physical activities that younger people will appreciate that older people cannot and vice versa. The diet has suggestions and plans to aid parents in this respect. It also places a strong emphasis on the idea that every little bit of activity counts and provides parents with the tools to "sneak" activity into every day situations.


In addition to pushing the points of nutrition and exercise, the diet covers methods to recognise and change behaviours that lead to the child's weight gain to begin with. This is the most important aspect of the diet as once these behavioural issues are addressed the weight loss process will be much smoother and effective with the child being in a more powerful position to sustain their healthier weight. They should now be equipped with the mindset and tools to continue to make healthy choices that the program and the ongoing support from their parents have instilled in them.

As the children undergo the program with the support of their parents it is expected that the parents themselves will lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle also. As they learn from an early age to make smart and sensible food choices, learn to enjoy physical activity and appreciate the benefits of both, they will carry this on well into adult hood.