Chia Seeds: Can They Really Help You Lose Weight?

It seems that one of the hottest topics in the weight loss arena is chia seeds. These tiny blackish/brown seeds may look unappealing at first sight, but once added to your diet, they pack a whole lot of nutrition and weight loss punch.

Chia seeds can help reduce appetite and is a terrific source of nutrition, high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

How Can Chia Seeds Help Me?

Like many other seeds, chia seeds are very good for you, nutritionally. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids; in fact, they are one of the few non-meat sources of this important fat. For vegetarians and vegans, this is welcome news!

It’s also good to note that chia seeds are gluten free and non-GMO!

Chia seeds, although they are tiny, are super sources of fiber. Fiber is what helps to keep you feeling full longer after eating. This alone is a good reason for adding these to your diet, as hunger pangs are something every dieter fights with.

These small seeds have been around for ages. These seeds were a staple in the Aztec diet, because they provided them with nutrition, energy, and were so small; they were easy to carry on a journey.

Can They Really Help?

A quick Google search will reveal thousands of testimonials about how these seeds can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Tipper Lewis, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all big fans of chia seeds.

Scientific studies also back up weight loss claims. In one study, participants found that they had a dramatic reduction in appetite.

The Advantages of Chia Seeds

It's hard to know where to start there are, literally, so many benefits to these seeds.

  • Super source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Good source of calcium
  • High source of dietary fiber
  • Leave you feeling full
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels, so you don’t experience cravings
  • Fights constipation
  • Good source of manganese and phosphorus
  • Great source of protein
  • Lowers cholesterol levels

The Disadvantages

Actually, there appears to be only one: if you eat too much, you can experience gas and bloating due to the high fiber content.

Nutritional experts recommend no more than 1 ounce per day. As tiny as these seeds are, if you measure out one ounce, you will see that that is quite a bit!

Easy Ways to Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet

One of the great things about chia seeds is that you don’t have to crush them to get the benefits, unlike flax seeds.

One of the easiest ways to use chia seeds is to simply sprinkle a teaspoon or so on whatever you are eating. This means add them to your yogurt, cereal, salads, vegetables, or scrambled eggs. They don’t really have a flavor, but they do add a nice crunch!

Many people like making “chia pudding”, by adding a half a cup of seed to one cup of milk and allow them to soak for a few hours, or even overnight. Chia seeds will swell up tremendously, and turn that milk into a pudding like food.

The Bottom Line

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that chia seeds have been increasing in popularity over the past decade.

They can reduce your appetite, are a terrific source of nutrition, and leave you feeling full for longer periods of time.

When you combine these traits, adding chia seeds to your diet become a no-brainer.

Of course, adding chia seeds to your diet without cutting back on calories or failing to get exercise won't help you reach your weight loss goals, but adding chia seeds to a real food diet and a healthy, active lifestyle, will certainly bring positive results anyone would be proud of.