Top 10 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight Quickly

Too many people think that yoga is only for the elderly, those with physical problems, or for “skinny” people. After all, yoga isn’t real exercise, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although you might not get the cardiovascular benefits that running provides, it burns more calories than almost any other exercise, depending on the type of yoga you choose.

Yoga has been used as an effective way of losing weight and keeping the body toned for more than 5,000 years. Once you start performing yoga regularly, you won’t feel “right” unless you do at least a few poses every day!

Want to lose weight, get a longer, leaner looking, really super toned body? Then you need to read up on the top 10 best yoga poses that really burn some serious fat and calories!

Yoga Poses

1. The Crescent

Top Yoga Poses - The Cresent

This pose looks something like a cheerleading pose as in Yea Team! The Crescent works on the abs, hips, and thighs. For beginners, put your hands on your thigh when you come up.

2. The Board

Similar to the plank, the board is almost a full body workout and specifically targets that stubborn belly fat. Beginners can hold the pose for a shorter period of time and lengthen their time in position as they get stronger.

3. The Willow

Top Yoga Poses - The Willow

A beautiful pose that is harder to do than it appears. This pose firms the sides of the abdominals, helping to eliminate that muffin top. Beginners can keep their foot on the calf or ankle, rather than the thigh.

4. Rocking Boat

Top Yoga Poses - Rocking Boat

If you want some seriously flat abs, this is the pose for you. If it’s too difficult at first, hold the back of your thighs with your hands or bend your knees slightly. This is a super effective pose for those who want a bikini belly.

5. Wind Easing

This is not only good for easing lower back pain and offering those overworked abdominal muscles you just worked on the rocking boat, but this pose strengthens your thighs, core, and hips in one easy movement!

6. The Bow

Top Yoga Poses - The Bow

The bow is another great movement for strengthening your core muscles and tightening up those flabby abs. This full body stretch also increases energy! Beginners can have a helper pull their legs up so they can get in the proper position.

7. The Chair

This is a super pose when it comes to firming up the booty and thighs. This is usually a difficult pose for beginners, so you might want to start by leaning against a wall. Once you are stronger, put your hands on your knees. If you want a serious booty, this is the pose for you!

8. The Cobra

Top Yoga Poses - The Cobra

This one feels so good; you might not realize that you are strengthening the entire spine and upper body. This pose is also good as general all body workout. Pregnant women and those who have had hernias should avoid this one.

9. The Bridge

Top Yoga Poses - The Bridge

A type of reverse cobra, this pose has numerous benefits including strengthening the hips and spine. This pose has been shown to help those with hypertension, improve digestion, and lessen menopause symptoms.

10. The Warrior 2

Top Yoga Poses - The Warrior 2

This is an excellent pose that helps to reduce belly fat while strengthening your core, thighs, and booty. Many people find that this pose also calms the mind and provides a sense of clarity.

Once you try these poses, you will quickly realize that this healthy exercise routine is NOT for sissies! If you want to lose weight, and really target stubborn areas of fat, these yoga poses will really deliver!

With more than 100 poses that range from extremely easy to strenuous, everyone, no matter their age or size, can incorporate some yoga into their daily exercise routine.

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