Ediets.com's acts as an information and service diet portal where one can find out about a range of the many diets available on the market. Members can also read up on articles about weight related topics and follow a suitable food plan.

Range of Diet Plans

The site understands that there are different means of losing weight that works for different people and it aims to present these ways of losing weight in the one place. The diet plans include already existing mainstream diet plans as the Atkins.

The eDiet plans are created using Nutrition specialists to cater to a number of different needs. For example, if a person decides that a high fiber diet may be suited to them, then the high fiber eDiet plan will provide them with a specific food plan that organizes their meals with a focus on fiber. All plans start out by establishing the current position of the dieter and then building the plan accordingly.

Because eDiet is not trying to convince dieters to go with any specific diet, there is no need for them to use too much marketing jargon or hooks to reel people in. Instead it aims to inform and provide people with a range of options.

Featured Diet Plans

Following is a list of the diets at the writing of this article:

Healthy Living Plans

  • Wheat-Free Meal Plan
  • Low-Fat Plan
  • Living with Diabetes Plan
  • Heart Smart Plan
  • Low-Sodium Plan
  • Cholesterol Lowering Plan
  • High-Fiber Plan
  • Hypoglycemia/Low-Sugar Plan
  • Healthy Soy Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • Lactose-Free Plan

Fitness Plans

  • Ediets.com fitness

Meal Delivery and More

  • Deliciously Yours
  • EDiets.com Community
  • EDiets Mobile

Community and Support

A support network is a strong selling point for many diets such as Jenny Craig to keep people motivated and strong in their goal achieving. The value of support groups in helping people to lose and maintain weight is indisputable. Just as it does with diet plans, Ediet.com provides members with a choice of support groups also. Different support groups suit people's needs, lifestyles and specific diets. Below are a few of the many groups that have been created by members of eDiets.

  • Heart Smart
  • Living with Diabetes
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • 20 Something
  • 30 Something
  • 40 Something
  • 50(ish) & Fit
  • 60’s+ ‘N Loving It!

The Community also has challenges for those that are motivated by some healthy competition to help them reach specific goals.

There are other means of support dotted throughout the site. Specialists are on hand to help with specific diets, exercise programs and a mentoring program


The Shop contains a large range of products to help dieters with their goals. It includes books, DVDs, exercise equipment, supplements and packaged food.

eDiets Overview

eDiets has done a fantastic job in covering diet, nutrition and exercise principles that are available in the diet world today. This includes a range of mainstream diets and diets that have been created by eDiets themselves. It even covers the delivering of food with its own meal delivery plan. This is an attractive option for many people as it is a convenient means of following a calorie controlled plan.

Exercising isn't diet specific so this section is standalone from the diets. The site has support and community covered whereby a huge range of niche support groups have been created by members. This means you can create your own support group if you cannot find one that suits your needs and requirements. In addition are the specialists and mentoring program. All in all, eDiets is a great place to look and help you decide what diet plan is right for you particularly if you are finding the number of diets available overwhelming and confusing.