Weight Watchers MyWW Blue Plan. Will It Work?

Those of you who already know and love the Freestyle version of WW, you’ll be glad to know that the myWW Blue Plan is the very same. Nothing changes in terms of your zero points foods list or SmartPoints use.

Really, the main difference you’ll experience is the fact that that your community connection will now exclusively be with other members of the Blue Plan, a smaller cohort than before.



Now, more than ever before, specific support groups for your colored plan are key to finding success. You’ll find color coded recipes, tons of fellow colored plan members, and plenty of community support for each plan option.

To save you a search, we’ve compiled some sources of plan specific support in the links below.

Natasha Summar "Always A Fantastic Day Of Food"

MY WW Blue Plan, What to expect, more zero point foods & who is this good for.

Justyn's Journey "Join The Journey"

What I eat in a day to lose weight.

ZeroPoint Foods

If you’re new to myWW and are choosing the Blue Plan for the very first time, let's discuss some of the key points for you to know. First of all, you’ll get a list of over 200 foods that count for zero points.

All the same fruits and veggies from the Green Plan are included with some awesome additions like eggs, chicken breast, salmon, seafood, etc.

This more extensive list gives you the freedom to up your proteins and high quality fats without having to track as much.

One key suggestion from myWW is not to use your zero points foods excessively just because you don’t have to count them. For example, if you eat a banana as a snack 3 days a week, don’t start eating one every day, multiple times a day just for the sake of not counting it. The goal is to continue loving your zero points foods and to incorporate them appropriately to round out your SmartPoints budget.

How Many Points Do I Get On WW Blue Plan

While this isn't the official myWW calculator, it’s so close you shouldn’t notice a difference. This calculator will help you to figure out how many points you can eat on the Blue Plan, your points allowance.

With your lengthier list of zero points foods (200+), you’ll also have a more modest budget of SmartPoints to use for everything else. Like the previous Freestyle Plan, Blue Plan users receive a minimum of 23 daily SmartPoints to spend, 4 of which can be rolled into your weekly budget each day.

Keep in mind that weeklies do not rollover to following week though. Your SmartPoints are naturally going to guide you toward choosing foods lower in sugar and saturated fat as they will cost you fewer of your points.

What To Eat

The recommended structure to building Blue Plan friendly meals is as follows:

  1. Choose 1-2 zero points foods (like fruits or veg)
  2. Add a protein choice (likely also a zero point food)
  3. Round out your plate with strong flavors (think garlic or spiced lentils)
  4. Include some fats and additional garnishes

The end result? You can compose an entire meal that totals fewer than 5 points to be tracked.

Who Is The MyWW Blue Plan Designed For?

You might be wondering which plan is likely to help you lose the most weight. The answer is the plan that best suits your personality, habits, and preferences.

Every plan is well-equipped to help users lose weight. Research has shown that each plan provides the foundation of good eating habits and the parameters to allow for learning to make healthy choices. You simply have to choose the plan that makes the most sense for you and the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Nevertheless, if you are still unsure which plan to choose, the Blue Plan is;

  • For those who had success using the previous WW FreeStyle program
  • For those who like to have more go-to foods
  • For those who like some structure but fewer restrictions
  • For those who prefer to limit measuring and tracking food
  • For those who like to eat chicken, eggs, seafood
  • For those who like a balanced program

Blue Plan Review ~ Tammy

I started the WW Freestyle program in May of 2019. Since then, I’ve lost about 45 pounds and am feeling wonderful. Now that I have had the choice between the 3 plans, I’m glad I can stick to what is working for me with the Blue Plan. Here are some of my favorite things about the Blue Plan and why I’ve decided to stick it out:

  1. Eggs. I love eggs and use them all the time to make meals more satisfying and protein-packed.
  2. Weeklies. I have a lot of events through work that tend to have indulgent food. Rather than deprive myself of everything, I almost always have the budget to spare a few extra delicious things. With the Blue Plan I feel confident in planning ahead for things.
  3. Just enough accountability. While Blue does allow a good amount of flexibility (especially on lean proteins) it still keeps me very honest with some of my crutch foods like breads and pastas.
The bottom line is that Blue works for me! Perhaps someday I will feel confident enough in my own self-regulation to try Purple, or even no plan at all. For now though, I’m loving the results I’m getting and the way that I am feeling.

A few additional notes on the myWW Blue Plan:

  1. Roasted or baked zero points foods will remain zero points (but count any additional items like oils). However, dried fruits or veggies do need to be tracked.
  2. Remember that zero points foods are not “all-you-can-eat”. Use your judgement on portion control.