Weight Watchers MyWW Green Plan. Will It Work?

A modified version of the regular Beyond the Scale SmartPoints program, the myWW Green Plan offers you some of the flexibility of ZeroPoint foods while balancing your daily point totals.

Zero points foods consist of whole fruits and vegetables (think broccoli, peppers, apples, bananas, etc.) and do not include foods like eggs and chicken breast like in the “freestyle” or Blue Plan.

The myWW Green Plan is the best choice for those who prefer more structure to their eating habits.



Now, more than ever before, specific support groups for your colored plan are key to finding success. You’ll find color coded recipes, tons of fellow colored plan members, and plenty of community support for each plan option.

To save you a search, we’ve compiled some sources of plan specific support in the links below.

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My WW Green Plan, what to expect & who is this good for.

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I lost more weight on Weight Watcher's Green Plan

ZeroPoint Foods

With Green, you’ll get a list of over 100 zero points foods. This is the smallest zero points food list of the three plans. With only whole fruits and veggies included, the goal is to teach you to incorporate as much of these kinds of foods into your diet as you want.

Doing so will significantly increase fiber intake and overall round out your meals and snacks to be more filling, satisfying, and nutritionally balanced.

How Many Points Do I Get On WW Green Plan

While this isn't the official myWW calculator, it’s so close you shouldn’t notice a difference. This calculator will help you to figure out how many points you can eat on the Green Plan, your points allowance.

In addition to your zero points foods list (100+), you’ll have a minimum of a 30 SmartPoints budget to spend daily on everything else you consume. SmartPoints will naturally guide you toward foods that are lower in sugar and saturated fat as they’ve always done.

This is done through an algorithm that increases point totals when sugar and saturated fat are present in a food. The combination of these two factors, your zero points foods list and your SmartPoints, makes learning to eat well-rounded and nutritional meals simpler.

What To Eat

Building Green Plan friendly meals is simple when you follow the provided guide. Simply start with one or more zero points food choices, add in something you enjoy that is filling and tasty, incorporate additional veggies when possible, and boost up flavor with any spare points you have to spend (like cheese, nuts, or avocado).

Structuring your meal planning this way makes the Green Plan into a powerful tool for nutritional success.

Who Is The MyWW Green Plan Designed For?

You might be wondering which plan is likely to help you lose the most weight. The answer is the plan that best suits your personality, habits, and preferences.

Every plan is well-equipped to help users lose weight. Research has shown that each plan provides the foundation of good eating habits and the parameters to allow for learning to make healthy choices. You simply have to choose the plan that makes the most sense for you and the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Nevertheless, if you are still unsure which plan to choose, the Green Plan is;

  • For those who didnt have success using the previous FreeStyle program
  • For those who had success using the Beyond The Scale Program
  • For those who can easily overeat ZeroPoint Foods
  • For those who needs to be accountable
  • For those who cant stop binging
  • For those who needs more structure in their Program
  • For those who enjoy calorie couting
  • For those who enjoy the option of eating more variety of foods (with the extra points)
  • For those who dont want a restrictive program
  • For those who dislike chicken, egg, or seadfood
  • For those who prefers to eat beef, pork, or lamb

Green Plan Review ~ Amy

My family has a history of diabetes. I know that I’m especially prone to the disease, and I have not done a good enough job in the past of maintaining a healthy weight and watching my carb intake. For me, the Green Plan with WW is the absolute best way for me to not only lose weight, but ensure that I’m doing what I can to avoid diabetes. It provides me with a solid groundwork of foods I can eat in abundance while making sure that I don’t overdo carbs.

The part I like the most is all the recipes provided. I don’t have to put a ton of thought into what kind of meals I can or can’t eat. There’s a huge number of recipes that I can look up and already know they fit with my plan. Overall, the Green Plan makes me feel like I can live a long and healthy life, which I never felt before.

A few additional notes on myWW Green Plan:

  1. Weekly SmartPoints are still there! Also, unused daily SmartPoints will automatically roll into your weekly budget, but not into the following week.
  2. Fruits and veggies that are blended into smoothies or juiced will count toward your points budget. Focus on eating the whole fruit or veg.
  3. Whether your goal is maintenance of weight loss, Green can work for you. It is all about finding the balance of structure that works best for any goal you have.

Speaking of well-rounded and nutritional meals, one of the great things about myWW is the continued focus on community building and recipe sharing. Now, you can login to a connect group that is exclusively your color plan. See up-to-the-minute updates of recipes other users are trying and, communicate with your fellow Green Plan users on how your progress is going.

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