Curry Puffs

This light meal is perfect for quick breakfast or a delicious snack when you want to eat something new and exciting. The best part about this easy recipe is that it can be served warm or even cold – works great both ways. Garlic is an excellent source of vitamin C and a natural antibiotic. It will definitely add an extra kick to this wonderful recipe.

Curry Puffs

Recipes Ingredients

  • 8 sheets of wholemeal filo pastry
  • 2 teaspoons crushed ginger
  • 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 1/2 cup non fat yoghurt
  • 1 cup grated carrot
  • 2 potatoes, peeled grated and drained
  • 1/4 cup green beans, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped green pepper
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup Sharwood's Rajmah vegetable curry

Recipes Instructions

Pre heat oven to 200C. Cut the pastry sheets lengthwise into four strips. This will give you 32 pieces. Place two strips together to make 16 double rectangles.

Mix together the ginger, garlic and yoghurt. Add the curry sauce and pour over the mixed vegetables. Place double rectangle of pastry on the bench and fold one corner over to make a triangle. Place a spoonful inside the triangle. Turn the corner of the filo, folding the filing over on itself to form the triangle. Continue to fold in triangles to the end of the strip.

Place on Gladbake on tray. Repeat with remaining strips. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn over and cook another 15 minutes until brown and crisp.

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